Sunday, May 27, 2012

Weekend Congratulations!

I signed my boyfriend up for email notifications for every time I update my little blog (even though he reads most of them over my shoulder as a I type them).  This is a text I got Friday afternoon, after I posted Friday letters, and I almost died laughing....

See this post to know why he knew what Jeggings are

And my response:

Also finally got a chance to wear the dress at my LOFT extravaganza a couple of weeks ago.  We celebrated the last high school graduation for a long while.  CONGRATULATIONS Eric!!!

I got SOOOO many compliments on my dress.  My favorite a lady in the street who whispered to her friend, "Oh did you see that dress, it's so cute!!!".  Gotta love unsolicited compliments.

Dress not available online anymore :( - similar-ish here

Hope you all are enjoying the weekend with an extra day of FUN!


  1. AHHH I died laughing at that texting conversation. So funny. Boys are silly and yours seems especially great. I can't wait to meet him someday.

    1. So funny right? I couldn't stop laughing.
      You will someday :)


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