Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday: True Life

Here's to Monday. 
And what it had in store for me.

True Life:

I went running at 5:15 am (Thanks Steph!), and made it through the day.  Winning!!!

I read for 45minutes BEFORE going in to the office.  That never happens.

If finished my accounting (at work) two days early, what ahead of the game on Monday?

Was on hold for 1/2 hour with my health insurance company.  Terrible. Also SOLVED NO PROBLEMS.
Fond a great new country song.  I might be a little late for this, but listen here.  Thompson Square, I knew I liked you.

Essie named a nail polish after me, awe how sweet! Thanks for thinking of me, so flattering.

Color: She's Picture Perfect
 Caught up with the Bestie, East Coast time difference how you torture our phone dates.

Set up the Bachelorette for series recording, how did I NOT do this last week????

Chipotle Burrito Bowl dinner, check. That's what happens when your kitchen is not finished.  It's almost there :) And It looks amazing.  You did a great job babe!

Played DOUBLE Sorry (I had two colors, the Boyfriend had two colors) and WON.  Damn it feels good to be a gangster.

Monday, thanks for passing by without a hitch.


  1. While I loved getting a text from you right when I woke up (which was when you woke up too, minus 3 hours), you are crazy to get up that early! I felt like a bum just rolling out of bed at 8:15 and finding out you were already going for a run in California! This post also reminded me that I need more board games in my life. Bananagrams is a personal favorite.

    1. Board games and card games are great, try Five Crowns. Play in a big group. You'll LOVE IT!!!


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