Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday IN or OUT

Un forecast-ed Traffic: OUT (duh)


Today I hit traffic during and unusual time and unusual place. JUST. THE. WORST.  Here's the deal, when I know there is traffic, I am mentally ready.  I have my list of people to catch up with (i.e. Grandmas, college Besties, and brother), my book on iPod, and a great CD.  When I am not ready I just get frustrated and cranky.  But don't we all.  This did NOT make for a good end of the day.  But what can you do?

Dove Chocolate Messages: IN

Dove always knows what to say.  Today this is what I got, and this is how I felt. I needed a moment. Thank you Dove for helping me get through my day, and granting me that moment.  The moment the simplicity of your dark chocolate square put a smile on my face.  Dove Chocolate Messages > Fortune Cookies Fortunes.  (P.S. This might be the most complicated math symbol I have used since High School, please don't judge).

Boot Camp- IN

A couple of weeks ago my friend/co-worker introduced me a small fitness studio boot camp.  And I LOVE it.  I am not one for gym membership.  I don't like the idea of others watching you on a machine, waiting for you to finish, or showing you up if they are stronger.  This boot camp is never over 20 people, all ages, both genders, and the trainers know you by face and name. Everyone is happy to be there and increase personal fitness and push personal limits.  I went this morning (at 6am) and despite the fact that I had 'one of those days', Boot camp made it better.

Friday Meetings: OUT

Let's be honest Friday is probably NOT the most productive work day.  Weekend plans are nearing, excitement is growing, the clock is ticking, and the list goes on.  So, really HOW productive is a Friday meeting really going to be?  Unless it's a meeting that includes discussing what the plans are for the weekend, it should probably happen on Thursday, or wait 'til Monday.  Leave us worker bee's alone. 

(thank goodness tomorrow is Friday)

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