Thursday, May 24, 2012

In or Out

I know you probably saw my post yesterday, but can't say it enough

Nordstrom Semi Annual: IN

Who couldn't love this sale??? Here are a few things I am eyeing.

So versatile- buy here
Classy and Fabulous- buy here

Miley Cyrus: OUT 

Check out this getup she wore the other day.  Really Miley? Let's do a little better next time.  Also ever since Party in the USA, you've done what exactly?  Last Song?  Not at all impressed.  Way to get them buzzing this week Miley...check out the gossip here.  I'm over you.  Make another over produced and over played pop beat, and maybe I'll get back on your team.

Heather of Real House Wives of OC: IN

I am always skeptical when a new girl joins the crew.  I remember the days when Jeana was part of the crew, Gretchen had small boobs, and Tamera rod Harleys in pink bandanas with Simon.  But Heather has been a great addition, after all she might be married to a plastic surgeon but shes 98% real (and doesn't cook).  I love this season.  OC is the best, forget New York and New Jersey, you are just wannabes.  And Heather keep rockin' it out, and keep being feisty with Alexis, I love it!!!

Dry Shampoo: IN

I haven't used any before, but have heard rave reviews.  So I gave this one a try, cheap, nice bottle, and recommended by Jeanna from Life of a Wife, figured it had to be great. Sure enough it is great.  And as noted in Day Book, dry shampoo helps hair hold style and curl better.  Loving this these days.

 Three day weekend, WHAT?


  1. I have that suave dry shampoo and I use it all the time. I literally wash my hair every 3 days now. It works really well on blondes too and I swear it makes my roots look not as obvious.

    Also, how much of a sale is this Nordstrom sale? Do you think I would like it? I've never been.

    It was great to catch up yesterday (despite the unfortunate circumstances). Miss you!

    1. Yeah, it's great!!! I still wash every day just when I run after work, and don't want to double wash then I suave it up!!!

      I dunno you might- I'll look around!!!

      Miss you too

  2. i love IN & OUT posts! Heather is my new fav OC housewife! her and her hubby are so cute together!! save your money for the anniversary nordstrom sale in july...its 100000 times better!!

    im having a fun accesories giveaway on my blog, check it out if you haven't already!


    1. Yes they are so cute, I think the best couple of them all. I know July is better, but still gotta love a little appetizer.

      I'll check it out!!!



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