Monday, May 7, 2012

Pretty In: Pink Perfume Only

Funny how smell can remind you certain times in you life. Here is recollection of my pink perfume collection...

I bought my first perfume, in eighth grade.  When I was in my less than girly, tomboy phase.  I liked it because 1. it was perfume and it made me feel fancy 2. it smelled great 3. it was pink and girly

 Since that day, I have expanded my perfume collection, but continue to buy pink perfumes ONLY.  Because it still makes me feel girly, which is something every girl needs in their life.

My collection has grown to a be a bit excessive, but every perfume has a different memory and time of my life associated with it.

Paris Hilton:
Bought this as a simple travel perfume for my trip to Cairo.  Forever more when I wear it, I think so the fourteen days I spent there over my winter break during college.

Versache- Crystal Bright:
A senior trip to Vegas warranted a new pink scent. So to Macys it was.  I browsed every pink perfume they had, right before the mall closed and setteled on the first I had smelled that evening.  
Lancome- Miracle:
In eigth gradge, when I first discovered perfume my best friend told me this perfume reminded her of me.  It stuck with me, and I wanted a fresh smell for graduation.  So I got this one, a great spring and summer perfume.  It reminds me of college graduation and how long I had been wanting it: 8 years.
Vera Wang- Princess:
During my first (and current) big kid job, my co-worker and I got to talking about perfume. I was noting how I really wanted this perfume, because it fit all the requirements- delicious smell and pink color :)  She said she had it and never wore it, so she gave it to me.  First big kid job memories go with this smell.

Gucci- Guilty:
For my 22nd birthday my boss bought this for me. She too is really into perfumes, and we had previously discussed my love for pink perfumes. She got me this number, and it's my favorite.  The first time I wore it was on a hiking date with this guy I once thought was 'so hot and so cool', clearly I had not met my boyfriend yet.  Although it doesn't look pink, the perfume is.  Such a great gift.

Michael Kors: Very Hollywood
Smelled this in the small bottle at Target, and knew I could probably find it at Ross or Marshalls.  Sure enough, found it at Ross with my roommate this past fall, and love it.  Such a great addition the collection.  It has such a different smell too.  Note here: Ross, Marhsalls, and TJ Maxx are all great places to score perfumes.  You often can't smell them, so you usually have to know which one you want and keep your eye out for it ;)

Next on my list.  Hope it holds some good memories too!

BCBG Max Azria:

What perfume do you wear?  
Any favorites from my list?

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