Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Style Improvement?

So...I haven't been part of this blogging world for very long- but since I have  joined I CAN NOT stop finding new style blogs that I like.  It's inspirational and fun to see how other people wear their wardrobes, and what combinations they come up with.

Here are some of the blogs I have been following since I've joined: Lilly's Style, Sequins and Stilettos, Mini Me Style, and Olive and an Arrow.  Check them all out when you get a chance. 

Since my followings, I have come up with new creative ways to wear what I have.  So thank you all for your contributions to my style.  Here is my first attempt a 'new' outfit.  To me this 'new' outfit is just items I have owned for a while that have never been worn together.

I know it's not super stylish, but I am getting there. I think?

Pants: LOFT- 40% from Jan (currently on SUPER SALE here)
Shirt: Target $8 Long and Lean tank that every girl should own in 10 colors
Belt: Target Clearance $8 bucks
Short Sleeve Over Shirt: F21 (2 years ago!!!)
Shoes: Target (4 years ago....)

Happy Hump Wednesday!!!

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  1. This is such a cute outfit. I'm still always surprised to see you wearing dangle earings. I really feel like the dress up the outfit. And I wish that target still made those shoes! Love them!


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