Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear 6am Run,  I am sorry I cut you short this morning.  It was a rough boot camp on Wednesday afternoon AND it's Friday, so cut me a break.  I will be out there again tomorrow.  Thank you for being a great start to the day, in spite of everything.

Dear Target Sandals, I have tried to resist you three times now, but lets all be honest I knew you would get me one of these days.  Thank you for being so cute, and matching my outfit perfect.  I appreciate you making it easy for me to look cute.

Dear Future Puppy,  Not sure when I will get you.  But know it's sometime before my birthday (September) which makes me happy.  I hope that I am diligent enough to train you and that being part of my life makes you feel as loved as I am sure you will make me feel.

Dear Glen and Maddy,  It makes me sad (and happy that you are still close to family) that you live in San Diego.  I would love to share more real time (not phone time or facetime) with you guys.  I am excited for your lives together and am always happy you two are happy.  Thanks for being a great couple and a pleasure to be around.  You two are going to make my weekend happier than usual (and that's hard to do).

Dear Future Me,  There are too many things that I want to list here.  But one of the small things is I hope you get better at curling your hair (especially the back).  I hope you continue to enjoy life as much as you do now, because it's pretty darn awesome.


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  1. Life is pretty darn awesome. I agree. The puppy post really got me. I'm right there with you; I want one so bad!


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