Sunday, May 20, 2012

Wine-y Weekend

This weekend I spent some time wining in Napa with Alex.  I will say we took it as an easy day, no fancy spancy limo, driver, large group situation.  It was more friends catching up, which was JUST as enjoyable.  Sorry to break the news to you obnoxious bachelorette party we saw in what seemed to be uniformed maxi dresses, you weren't the only ones having fun!

We had such a relaxing time.  We started with lunch at a popin' local restaurant.  We had fried olives (see below) and even though I don't like olives on the day to day, these fried little wonders were different and delicious.  Potent, I think is a word to describe their taste.  The almonds were a great pairing.

We started our tasting at the Robert Mondavi Winery, our Alma Madre, Go Aggies!!! And thank you Alex for working industry to get us a complimentary tasting here, you rock!

Then we went to Round Pond, where Alex works. Check 'em out here.  I can say showing up to work at this place every day would NOT be hard.  The valley looks stunning from the second story outdoor patio/tasting area.  It was also a food/wine tasting; a new experience for me. 

Good news is, they were NOT lying- food really DOES bring out the flavor in Vino.  Who knew?
Don't think you can buy this wine at the store, but look for it in restaurants their 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon was my favorite (middle glass), so if you see it, grab a glass.

Thanks for a great Saturday Napa, Sunday I hope you're just as FUN!

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