Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Snapshot: A Great Weekend

This weekend we went to Six Flags; we got season passes!!!  (they were only $10 more than a day pass, and it's only 45minutes from us, so we figured if we go one more time, it's totally worth it)  It was AWESOME!!!!

My boyfriend reminded me on the way that it was the only park in the United States that was also a Zoo, but when we got there I was still shocked to see the dolphins, tigers, giraffes, sharks, the butterfly garden, lions, etc.

If you have a Zoo near you, get out there and GO! It's one of those activities I rarely think to do, but always enjoy!

Hi Friends!!! 

I enjoyed the butterfly garden most, just one LARGE room with hundreds of butterflies dancing around you.  They are so beautiful in a dainty, graceful, delicate way.  Wish I embodied those qualities- unfortunately none of those apply to me :/.

It was a day with lots of walking (I didn't forget remembered sunscreen :)), exhibit on looking, roller coaster screaming, and fair like food- read corn dog, beer, and fries.  I was sucked in by the Dip 'n Dots...remember those? Ice cream of the future.  They were just as delicious as I remember.

We got home napped, and decided to extend the fun with Avengers. See a great movie review (from my Bestie) here.  I'm not normally one for going to see a movie in theaters twice, but I would go again.  It was part comedy meets extreme action/awesome.

Here a taste of my weekend.

Hope you had a good one!!!!

What did you do this weekend?

Is tomorrow really Monday?

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