Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday: IN or OUT

Stacy Keibler: IN

George has dated some question marks in the past- but Stacy, I think she is a keeper.  From what I have seen of her recently she is classy, timeless, and the perfect compliment to Clooney's seemingly age defying looks.  I love her in this dress, but lets be honest she looks good in anything.  Hope these two last.  And certainly hope we see more of her.

Tanning Mom: OUT

Let's be honest, who could really be in on this.  It is just terrible.  Puts anyone on Jersey Shore to shame.  Read the entire article here.  Enough said.

Dance Again- Jennifer Lopez featuring Pit Bull: IN

As much as I don't like Jennifer's new beau, I DO like her new song and video.  Watch here.  Damn she is bangin', Hope I can look as good as her when I am her age, but I guess a personal trainer, stylist, cook, and hair dresser would do that.  She is really getting out there though with her 'brand': American Idol, and her new show South Beach Tow.  Way to go J. Lo- you're rocking it- but please dump your boyfriend and hang out with your cute twins!!

Gmails 'New' Look: OUT

Okay so it's not so new anymore, but just when I get used to a website it changes.  Getting to my folders and gchat now is a lot more work.  Or so it seems.  Just like getting used to timeline, I guess I have to do it.  But when Nordstrom changed their website I almost went it to cardiac arrest.  Stop doing this to me people - If I can't keep up at my age, how am I going to when I am older??? 

Vegetable Chopper: IN

I am not a good dicer.  I can slice just fine, but dicing is a whole other issue.  My boyfriend and I are often easily influence and awed by infomercials.  So we went for it.  I love it.  Makes chopping things so much easier- It's not good for tomatoes (learned that one the hard way), but it great for garlic and onion.  Less crying and more success :) Gotta love that!!!  You can find it at Target, what can't you find there?

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