Thursday, May 17, 2012

In or Out

Time for the weekly IN or OUT.  This is a fun game to play with friends, when your just sitting around.

As a side note, last week passed as a snails pace, this week is flying by. It's already almost Friday, Loving this.

Chinese Take Out: IN

My boyfriend, his Mom, Dad, and friend have been working on putting together the ikea kitchen cabinets for the past three days, and they have done a GREAT job!!! His sister and fiance brought Chinese take out for dinner, and we ate it standing around the plywood covered island (see below).  It was exactly what everyone needed after a long day, and so tasty.  We set it up free for all style with plastic utensils and paper plates.  I hit the spot for everyone.  I can't believe I had forgotten just how good it was.  Guess we'll be eating a bit more of it until the kitchen is done :)

 See Island Here :)

Man Who Cheered me on During my Morning Run: IN

Usually communication during my solo runs is minimal.  Most people that try to communicate with me are fellow runners, to whom  I attempt a sweaty, red faced smile or waive.  Occasionally I'll get the anonymous drive by honk- Grow up! There is nothing sexy about sweating profusely and propelling my body down the street with as much coordination as I can muster.  But yesterday a man at the bus stop said, "Faster, Push It, You Got This," and it really worked.  I started running faster feeling both challenged and encouraged.  Thank you for that Sir, it made the last part of my run better.

Cloudy Cool May Morning: OUT

Here's the deal weather, you can't switch on me like this.  Especially when just yesterday you were hot from sun up to sun down.  I had already planned my outfit not anticipating this change, and I was not about to try and think of another outfit, so this is what I get a morning of goose bumped arms and hot chocolate.  I hope you warm up out there.

Blisters: OUT

At boot camp yesterday we had to do some bear walking, walk out push ups, backwards crawling, you get the idea.  Sounds strange, but trust me my muscles were talking to me this morning.  Anyways the pavement was hot, and my palms were numb, but in true boot camp style I carried on to ensure I was 'maximizing' my work out.  Sure enough I ended up with a quarter size blisters on each palm from where we were crawling on the pavement, and ouchie they hurt.  Good news is, it could always be worse, right???

This is after I popped it.

What are you IN or OUT on?

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