Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday Snap Shot

This weekend, as promised, has been BUSY BUSY BUSY!!!

Gotta love these days though.

We did sneak in a little fun: Miniature Golfing.  Based off yesterdays showing, I am not going pro any time soon. Average +3 over 'par'.

But then I realize there are MANY little things I will probably never be good at.
-Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball (i.e. any hand eye coordination sport)
-Taking stickers off things 
-Folding fitted sheets (yes, I have watched a youtube video to help, it didn't)
-Dicing onions, I can never get them small enough
-Remembering everything at the store 
(Thank goodness there is a small market a block from us!)
-Any sort of video/arcade game

and the list



Good news is none of these are essential life skills, so I guess I'll be okay!!!

Happy Mothers Day!

Mom I hope you liked your card, I found it 2 months ago while in Portland and knew you needed it

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