Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Digital Coupons: Less Cutting, More Saving???

A recent discovery (thank you to my boyfriend's sister) is Safeway digital coupons.

I am sure you all have 'em- the infamous Club Cards. I will say at the end of the shopping trip, I love to see how much I have 'saved'. Last week my total went from $134 to $91...Wahoo!!!!

BUT a whole new way to save is with Safeway Just For You Coupon Center -Digital Coupons. It has different items every week that you can digitally link to your Club Card.

It's simple you click the items you would like to save m$ney on, and when you buy them they are automatically applied at check out.

You can then print or email yourself the list of what items you 'clicked to save' so you know which brand of pasta, eggs, butter, or (tampons) to buy when you're at the store.

Give it a try. I am not one for clipping coupons, but cut less saving is totally my style.

My next 18 count of eggs is free!!!

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