Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekend Drinks & New Local Eats

My boyfriend is always on the hunt for new restaurants to try, events to attend, or places to visit.  He picked up our local town magazine on Friday while at the store.  This magazine always has new locals eats and treats, plus fun events to check out, so it's right up his ally, if you will.

On Saturday we went to two of the new, magazine recommend restaurants, and both were great.  I focused mainly on the drinks and not the eats, but both were delicious.

First bar I tried this Belgian Beer, because I was just not in the mood for a normal brew.  It comes in multiple flavors, I chose rasberry.  Peach was the other to choose from.  The flavor is very strong (I enjoyed it by it's self), and the bartender recommend I mix it with a simple cider.  It was GREAT both ways- the cider just toned down the flavor a little.

I tried this cocktail during lunch.  It's the weekend, I am allowed, okay.  I was drawn to it for it's different components.  Absolute Peach, ginger beer, simple lime syrup, muddled basil, and blackberries.  Yup, I could drink this one again, and NOT feel guilty about it. 

For dinner we tried another magazine recommended restaurant.  Yes, we did go to two new restaurants in one day.  I wanted to spread them out, but I was quickly reminded, 'why spend time eating s****y food, if there is great food waiting?'.  So to dinner we went.  This place had their name on the tops of their cocktails- Red Rabbits.

My boyfriend got a Jack Daniels, and it had the proper ice cube- one BIG cube, so the melting cube didn't water down the flavor.  Plus points on both accounts.  My cocktail also had egg whites in it, not sure what they do, but it was enjoyable none the less.

Lastly, we ordered these meatball appetizers (we got two orders, we each needed our own).  It was great, because each meatball was a different meat.  Beef (with marainara suace), Chicken (bacon wrapped- middle), and Lamb (on a mint paste).  We both liked the bacon wrapped chicken one the most.  Overall our new restaruant day was a success.

After all this, you bet I am going to be running double time this week.  But really if your area has a magazine, check it out.  It is so fun to get out and try new local eats.

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