Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear 30 work hours in two days,
Come as go seamlessly please and thank you!!

Dear Kate Spade,
Thanks for the cute phone covers. I love my new one!!! And only $7 on Amazon!

Dear Highlights,
How did you grow out so fast??? Two words. No. Bueno.

Dear Homemade Jamba Juice,
You were simply delicious. I might need to work on my portion size. 32 ounces was a tad much!!!
Dear Safeway Gas,
I just filled my entire tank for $50. I love that club card discount, and the four households (mine, brothers, parents, and family friend) that use the same number (parents) because I reap all the gas rewards!!!!

Dear Mom,
I was just thinking of the years when we didn't get along so hot. That was so long ago, and boy have rimes changed. Thanks for sticking it out with me. I appreciate the friendship we have now.  You are so helpful!!!  Your patience was worth it!!!!

Dear September?
How did you creep up so fast?

Happy Weekend!!
Gals and Dolls!!


  1. I wish I could've helped you drink that smoothie! and what a sweet letter to your mom! glad you have a good friendship now!

    1. Try it sometime you will like it!!! I know it's funny how time can change things right? Mom's are the best!


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