Sunday, August 5, 2012

Oh Little Zoey

So if you haven't heard yet, my parents moved.
Not a far move (10 minutes away), but they left behind the house that my brother and I grew up in.
Remember when I wrote about it here???

Anyways, my boyfriend and I took them dinner and beer on moving day, and naturally Zoey came along.

She was exploring the new rooms, smells, you know taking it all in as any little puppy would.
I had a inclination she might have left a doodle or piddle somewhere, but I couldn't find it when we were leaving. 

This is the text I got the next morning. 

All I could do was laugh.

Thanks for still loving her!!!

P.S. Love your new house.  


  1. Thats both gross and sweet all at the same time!

    1. I know right!! Totally gross, but totally sweet. I just liked that my Dad took a picture!!!1

  2. haha this is hilarious! If I were your parents I would've died! haha That's awesome your little pup had to make herself at home!

    1. Right?? AND the best part is they volunteered to watch her this weekend. Parents unconditional love is amazing!!! Zoey makes herself at home pretty much anywhere!!! Thanks for dropping by :)


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