Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Summer Sniffles,
Go Away!! You are NOT fun :(

Dear Bring Your Puppy To Work Days,
I love days like these.  So great. So fun. Makes the day pass by sooooo much faster.

Dear Mom and Dad,
Can't believe your moving today? Remember when I told you that they were moving away from my childhood house?? That day is Today.  

Dear Boyfriend,
Great idea to bring Mom and Dad pizza and beer after a long day of moving.  I know they appreciate the gesture, so thoughtful. You rock.

Dear Puppy Play Date,
This really made me feel like a parent. But Zoey had sooooo much fun playing, swimming, and chasing Bandit and Rocket around it was great.  Even better, she passed out for the entire afternoon.

Dear Blog World,
You've totally inspired me to be more fashionable. I know I am not, and it is a constant work in progress.  That being said on sniffly days like today, when all I want to wear is something comfy, I feel like I have failed your cuteness standards.  I'll keep working on it. I love following everyone to get some new trendy ideas.

Dear Brave,
The plot was totally different than I anticipated, but it was a really good movie.  Disney comes through again.  Also I loved her hair, seriously good texture and volume!


  1. That picture of you and Zoey is my favorite so far. For sure. I love it.

    1. She's adorable. I'll send a video. Can't wait for you to get your K9!!!


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