Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pinteresting (Short and Sweet)

I spent some time pinteresting this weekend.
Here are some of my goodies! (I say that as if I owe them)

Rather, here are some things I admired.

I am not one for dainty jewelry, but this dainty number was just too cute!!!

This combo got me too!!!
It would look really good on my wrist, don't cha think?

And let's be real. Once a Deegee, the love for the anchor NEVER dies.
Get on my ear balls (ears) now.

It's SHORT and SWEET today folks.

Lots and Lots to do.
August is ALWAYS just so BUSY!!!!

You found anything lovely on pinterest recently?


  1. Love that dainty necklace - so freaking cute!

    1. I know. I am hardly one for dainty things but it's just too darned cute!!! Thanks for dropping by :)

  2. i love that top necklace! beautiful, thank you pinterest!


    1. I'm so jealous!!! Do you love it and wear it all the time???? I am thinking it might have to happen :) thanks for the love. Happy Tuesday :)


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