Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Recents & What I Wore

First a quick what I wore. 
 I really couldn't think of anything, so I pulled three things I hadn't worn in a while and put them all together. 
 Hodge-Podge style.
Not all that pleased, but days like this happen.
A thick belt would have added some good flare completed the look.

Wedges//Jessica Simpson via TJ Maxx

Life via iPhone:

 Zoey made a new friend this weekend, Olivia.
She's probably the calmest, cutest one year old I know.
She was fearless of Zoey, but based on her dog petty skills, they are soon to be best friends!

Easily the best Vanilla Latte I have ever had.
Congratulations Pete's, you might have made me a believer!!!

 Contrary to my Pete's comment above, Starbizzle accompanied me, and my boyfriend to Home Depot where we proceeded to fill a cart with items we didn't need knew we'd use at some point in time.
The list is wildly exciting:
Clorox Toilet Bowl Tablets
Wood Floor Cleaner
Lifetime Supply of Light bulbs 
(Where does one store these?)
Hose Handle
Indoor Plants
Decorative Pots
Lawn Patch Grower
Seedlings get the idea...

 This is what I put together for the kitchen.
Who knew Home Depot could be so decorative??

And who was the cookie Monster who stole the cookie?
My boyfriend.
A couple of weekends ago after I baked chocolate chip cookies he said,
"Banana chocolate cookies would be good"
So what do I, the perfect girlfriend, do??
Find a recipe, and bake.
Banana, Nutella, Oatmeal cookies.
They were a hit.
Found the recipe here.
Give it a try!!

Happy Wednesday Folks!!!
Do the humpty hump

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