Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Week,
You flew by!!! Thanks for passing with such ease :)

Dear Glen and Maddy,
I'm happy you are finally going to Portland. I know you will both love it- be sure to eat at Voo Doos and go to the Saturday market :)

Dear Safeway,
That was the longest line I've ever seen in a Thursday. Totally worth it for these beautiful friends. Can you believe they were only 2.99?

Dear Zoey,
I wrote about you yesterday. But your growin' too fast!!!

Dear Target,
Thanks for this on sale skirt $10.08, yes please!! And see that Bauble Necklace???

Dear Group Dealz,
 Thanks for finally sending my bauble necklace that I bought over three weeks ago.  I was beginning to lose faith, thinking maybe you were not a legitimate site.  Thanks for proving me wrong.

Dear Emily Giffin,
I LOVE every single book you write.  Thank you.

Dear Back Yard Fire Place,
Awesome. Is all I have to say. This is going to be SO much fun for family, friends, BBQ, etc.  I can't wait to share you with others for many more years to come. 

Dear Bloggers,
Thanks for all you inspiration and fun posts. Makes me happy every day :)

Happy Friday All, Hope the Weekend Holds Some Fun Plans!!!


  1. i love that skirt,sometimes target has the BEST deals :) i have that bauble necklace in light purple...

    super cute blog!!

    happy friday!

    1. The BEST deals is right. I saw this full price, but was not about to buy it, and then bam two weeks later on sale in my size. Can you say winning? I want another bauble, and my first one just arrived :/ Thanks for dropping by :)

  2. I LOVE Target!! that skirt is so cute! and glad your necklace finally came! and those flowers are so pretty! Did you get my email about September sponsoring? :)

    1. Target all the way!!! And yes I got your email I have been so busy it's crazy. I'll resound ASAP. Thanks for dropping by!!! Have a great weekend!!!!!

  3. Love your outfit! I just ordered me a yellow bubble necklace yesterday! Can't believe that skirt was only 10 bucks, I love deals like that!

    1. So glad you ordered the bauble- you'll LoVe it!!! I promise :) thanks for dropping by!!!! Head to Target now you might be able to find it!!!

  4. I love your skirt & necklace! I've got to get on the bauble necklace trend! And I love your fire pit! Hope you have a great weekend! = )

    1. If you want smores drop by :) and buy the Bauble- you wont regret it. At first I was scared it would be to big for me. But after seeing other bloggers I just decided to Rock it out and not care- you should do the same. Have a great weekend!!!!!


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