Sunday, August 26, 2012

Puppies Plural

So I'm guessing you remember when Zoey arrived!! (here
It was probably the happiest day of 2102.

And I am sure you know that there was a BiG wedding!!! (you might have seen my phones wedding memories here) Which was anther very special day this year.

Well there is yet another special day to report. You probably saw the teaser (here) on Thursday- when I told you our grew!!

I wasn't kidding.

As a surprise the newlyweds were greeted with a Golden Retriever pup angel. 

And when I surprise, I mean surprise. It was not something that was even on the table as a possibility. Their faces were priceless when the little fur ball was out on their laps!!!

This little golden was one of two females in the litter- SO naturally my boyfriends parents needed one too!!!! Double trouble much???

Then we couldn't be the only three households with puppies. So the cousins got a 8 week old yellow lab!!!

Here are a few shots from the puppy play date!!



So on Wednesday we had four puppies (2 female goldens, 1 yellow lab, and Zoey) in the backyard running around!!!

Probably the cutest thing I have ever seen. And because we're all family, and because we all live close, and because we all have puppies, they are going to grow up as best friends!!!!

How fun will four pups be???

Hope you all have a fabulous Weekend!!!

 And one last thing, this is what We like to call our "Mommy and Me" group!!


  1. Aw so many puppies! I love puppies! That will be so fun having all of them around!

    I nominated you for an award if you would like to check it out!

    1. Becca, Thanks for stopping by :) And I am excited to have them all around!! Puppy friends and puppy play dates!!! Thanks for the nomination :)


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