Monday, August 20, 2012

What I Wore: Maxi Madness

I totally resisted the maxi for as long as I could, but much like most fashion trends, I finally caved.

And boy am I glad I did.
They are so comfortable, cute, and easy to wear.

Bottom line- I want more (please read in the littler mermaid song tone)

Every maxi I have is from Target!
I have three skirts, and a dress.

This is what I came up with this time!!!

Maxi//Target $17.99
Shirt//F21 $6.50
Necklace//F21 $7.50
Earrings//F21 $3.80
Watch//Michael Kors
Sandals//Target circa 2011

Hope you are on the Maxi boat with me. And if your still resisting (like I was three months ago), stop and go to target now!!!!


  1. I LOVE maxi dresses and skirts! aren't they so comfortable?? You look adorable in this one!

    1. JUST the most comfortable things EVER!!! Thanks.
      I love your MAXI's too!! Happy gosh darned Monday lady :)

  2. I love them on other people but I tried one on and let's just say it was anything but flattering on me!
    Yoy look amazing, so chic. I wish I could wear them and look like that

    1. I am sure you could rock one. Maybe start with a dress??? Francesca's often has cute ones!! Anyways thanks for dropping by- I guess you target and F21 can complete any look!!!!


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