Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Kara,
Happy 30th Birthday.  I hope I have a cake as sparkly and fabulous when I am the thirty, fabulous, and thriving (name that movie). I'm happy I could be there with you!!!

Dear White Jeans,
You always find a way to make it on the blog. Sneaky, sneaky.

Dear 70 hour Work Week Ahead,
I'm so ready for you to come and go with no problems.  Please do as I say.  And note to self: Proceed with Caution!!!

Dear Mid Twenties,
I am so not ready for you. I liked being early twenties.  Birthday, I can't believe you're about to come around again.  How do you always sneak up on me???

Dear Zoey,
If you had a former life, you would have been a fish.  Who knew a dog could love the water as much as you do?  One habit I could live without is peeing in the pool.

Dear Group Dealz,
This is such a cute necklace. Why did Lily have to introduce me to your cute, thirty, and fun world (here)?  Do I really need another enticing email flooding my inbox? The coral color would be the one I'd choose.  Is this what one would call a mini bauble??

Dear Quakers Maple and Brown Sugar Oatmeal,
No other flavor compares. End of Story.

Dear Fall,
I'm ready. Let's go. Bring it!!!

Dear Pumpkin Spice Latte,
You are my weakness. I really hope that I can attempt to contain myself when you arrive.  I wish they made you in a 'light' version.  Unfortunately they don't :(

Happy Friday :)


  1. ha ha this post was perfect! I am so excited for fall as well and I may or may not have ordered the coral bauble from group dealz already:]

    1. That is crazy its almost like we are twins!!! Hope you are having a fabulous Friday!!! Thanks for dropping by. Your blog is too cute!!!

  2. Girl! I am soo ready for fall too! It can't get here quick enough. If I don't have a cake like that when I turn 30 i'll be so disappointed, how PRETTY!!

    1. Right? Like 30 and fabulous is defined by that cake. It was such a fun party last night. And I just want to wear layers and drink a pumpkin spice. Is that asking so much??? Happy Friday!!!


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