Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Moment to Think: Life as a Gift

Most Mondays for me are pretty 'normal', not bland, not boring, but a day that seems to come and go without much notice.

Yesterday was not one of the those days.

I was not expecting the unexpected.
Or let's call it how it is, I was not ready for the days events.

As the work day was drawing to an end, I was anticipating the clock hitting 5:30, until the phone rang.

Next thing you know I am the responding to a call on a individual who has overdosed on medication, intentionally.

I tried to remain calm and keep him talking and conscious while emergency services were called.  Although in those jumbled, hurried, confused, anxious, eager, and scary moments minutes, I wasn't even sure if all of those things happened.

I stayed at the scene, talking to the person, until sirens sounded and uniformed men arrived.  Words were used in contexts I have never even imagined, I can't fathom looking forward to my life ending and saying, "I've finally done it, I've succeeded."

Uncertain what to make of all this, it left me sure of one thing.

I am blessed to have worked for, found, and been rewarded with all the happiness, love, friends, family, and support I have in my life.  

Prayers to the family that I helped yesterday. 

Did I ever think I'd experience this in my lifetime, absolutely not.  But will I learn and grow form this experience- yes I will.

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