Monday, August 6, 2012

Bachelorette 2.0 & Weekend

This weekend was a Local Bachelorette Party!!!
<Remember when we went to Vegas here????>

To celebrate Stephy's last weekend as a 'single' lady (insert Beyonce's annoyingly awesome single)

Let's just say this.  
We made it count!!!

The aftermath = me in bed ALL day.

And here are some other snap shots form this weekend!!!!
1. Saw this cousin out at the bar! Yay for cousinly love!!
2. My two relaxin' on a Sunday
3. I tried the something new with my eye liner & dangled my ears up!
4. Zoey is soooo lady like
5. Hair is BLONDE, yay!!!
6. Gourmet cupcakes!!!
7. Bought these for Stephy's wedding!!! So excited!

Last Thing.
And I did SEVEN loads of Laundry.
Seven loads, Two people. 
Someone please explain this...
It amazes me every.single.week.
As you know because I blog about it almost weekly!!!

Hope you ALL had a SUPERCALAFRAJALICSTIC (I am sure you would spell this differently) weekend!!!


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! Minus the laundry part :)

    1. Right, but can we talk about this. What is normal for two people (and a puppy)??? Holler Holler, pop your collar!

      Thanks for dropping by :)

  2. Hey Kaylin,
    Thanks so much for contacting me! I tried to respond to your email but I saw that you don't have your email connected to your comments. =)
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    Talk to you soon,

    1. Yay, I'm soooo excited.
      This is going to be such a fun match up!!!

      Thanks for finding me over here! Expect an email soon :)

  3. looks like so much fun!! and 7 loads of laundry - that is a lot of folding!!

    1. Totally too much folding!! And so much fun, loved your DIY maxi!!! Might have to try it!!!

  4. What a party! Looks like you all had loads of fun. Oh and those shoes rock my world :)

    1. Saw those shoes and knew I had to have them. Will be wearing them to the wedding for sure!!!!


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