Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What I Wore: Fabulous Shoe Edition

 Keep It Simple. Black on Black

With a PARTY shoe, remember when I bought these, here???

If we're all being honest with ourselves here, I just really wanted to wear these Fabulous Sparkly Shoes to work.  I don't think they are quite 'office' appropriate, because they are so LOUD, so I paired them with ALL black.

Hope you're all having an awesome day :)

Oh and if you'd be so kind as to check me out over here @ Aunie Sauce that'd be great!!!
Plus you could win some fabulous prizes, who doesn't love some goodies??!!!!

P.S. So NOT Photogenic this morning....

Happy Humpity Hump Day


  1. Oh man, those shoes are amazing! Definitely worth sneaking into the office haha

    1. Found these at DSW and knew I needed them. I will try to sneak them again for sure!!! Don't you just love DSW though? Thanks for stopping by :)


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