Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Note to Self: Pull It Together

I am usually VERY good about getting up early so I can:
Go for a run
Walk Zoey
Take a Shower
Get Breakfast
Get Ready for Work
Make my Lunch
Have Time to Spend with the BF

But Usually has not been Recently:
For the pas week I have been terrible about getting up early, I even missed my 5am Thursday boot camp, which is what really got to me.  I am scared I am falling out of habit.

Some say it takes three weeks to form a habit, and I was doing SO WELL,
I guess it's just time to jump back into it. And stop being such a LAZY bum.

Plus I enjoy getting up early enough to do all these things because, it leaves me my entire evening to do with what I want :)

Anyone been 'slacking' a bit recently???
I tried to blame it on the heat, I mentioned here.

But then I realize there is really no excuse.
I need to take a note (or two) from Manda's Motivate me Monday, here, and rock it out.

On that note I found an awesome Groupon, please tell you love Groupon as much as I do, for Cross Fit, and I  CAN NOT WAIT TO TRY IT!!!!


  1. i completely know what you mean!! I used to get up right away with Reed and we'd both start our day early, but lately we've both been falling back asleep for an extra hour, hour and half!... I'm right there with ya, i NEED to get back in my grove!

    1. So much more can be achieved when you get up early :) Let's do it together. I am starting tomorrow, care to join?? Let me know!!!!


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