Thursday, August 9, 2012

Healthy Lunch

If you follow me on instagram (but who doesn't common- pah-lease)
But seriously you can follow me username: stayblondeskilocal

Okay just kidding.

But really if you do, you would have seen my healthy, delicious, and colorful lunch!

Quinoa, yup that weird rice like thingy, it's delicious. 
And here is my made up recipe.

It Is:
Cooked Quinoa
Garbanzo Beans
Artichoke Hearts
Cherry Tomatoes
Fresh Chopped Parsley
Cubed Cheese (I choose Gouda)
and topped with Lemon Juice

If you're willing to try something new.
Try Quiona, it's healthy, fun and delicious!!!

Happy ALMOST Friday


  1. that looks so good! and healthy! : ) I've had quiona before but never made it myself - I need to!

    1. It's so good. You should totally make it sometime. So yummy for summer heat :)


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