Thursday, October 25, 2012

I think I'm going to Bawsten...

Just so you know I hate , okay strongly dislike that song, but the city on the other hand is pretty awesome!!!

I started my travel series a couple of week ago.
(For those who missed out see more here, here, and here) and I thought I was going to share with you all my stories of international travel, until I realized that some stories happened here state side. Thus we get this story of BawSten also known as Boston.

This trip was a compiled group of awesome people doing nothing more than showing up in a city to party and walk around, oh and see a Red Sox and Celtics playoff game (and this is where the story starts....).

I have paid $180 for these nose bleed seats, but I figure NEVER again in my life am I going to a NBA playoff game. (Remember how good I am at following sports from this post?)

And I thought it would be fun, so I shelled out the mooohlah for ticket.
We arrive after swimming our way to our seats, and fetching $12 Beers.

We sit and enjoy the game.
Half time = Beer Time. 
So round two, or maybe three, of our overpriced beverages continued.

Back in our seats, I have my phone and camera in my lap, and my beer between my knee balls.
This is when it happens.
The camera slides from on top of the phone down my legs, and PLOPS in my beer.
And BTW this all happened in S...L...O...W...M...O...T...I....O....N.....

Summary of Boston Expenses
Red Sox Game-$50
NBA Playoff Ticket- $180

and for me a NEW CAMERA....

Thanks Boston.
You Rocked!!!!


  1. Never been to Boston! Looks like fun!



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    1. thanks for stopping by :) I will totally enter the contest


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