Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Best $5 I Ever Spent

So no judging, but aside from the James Bond series, Top Gun, and The Notebook, I admittedly have terrible taste in movies. And by terrible I mean that any super tacky movie appeals to me(read Honey,  Dear John, Step Up), you know pretty much every movie that was given half the budget of a three star movie, is a movie I am bound to love.

But anyways, last night I went to $5 Movie night.
Which BTW was probably the cheapest movie I have seen since I was, oh wait ten years old.  Since when did movies get so expensive...anyways. Sorry about that tangent.

Pitch Perfect was great. 
It was comedic, more every day off the cusp, version of Glee mixed with High School Musical (which I own and love) and Brides Maids, but more entertaining.  The comedy and quips in this film (<----not sure a movie with the Pitch Perfect deserves this title) but none the less it kept me laughing the ENTIRE time.

Were the ideas far fetched, absolutely. 
 Since when do singing groups have roof top sing offs?  And initiation nights? and since when do the guy and girl not end up together at the end?  They always do.
So stop judging a film by these standards, because they are by default going to happen. 

If we're judging a film by the amount that it makes you do any and/or all of the following:
talk about
(repeat lines Step Brothers anyone??)

Then pitch perfect was a AWESOME movie.
It made me laugh so hard I was crying.
We were talking about it, and imitating it (Fat Amy) when we came out.
It also made me wonder...will there be a sequel???

If there is sign me up.
I am down for any cheesy musical/dance movie.
Because lawd knows that Burlesque, High School Musical (1,2, and3), Hair Spray, Glee, Honey and  Up, are awesome.

So just ADD this one to the LIST.
It's a must see for me.
I will go see it again in theaters, I will own the soundtrack, and I will download it as well.
Not to sound too obsessed or anything.

Seriously hop to it.
And have a great humptidy hump day.

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