Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Amazing what pinterest has created.

In my case it's a addiction.

I love to look at things people have pinned, get inspired by things people have pinned, drool over foods people have pinned, you get the picture.

I tell my boyfriend I am going to bed, turn over and pin for 15+ minutes.
Now that's just sad. 
But when it creates good things like banana raspberry bread (over here), and outfits.
I am totally okay with it.

Here is a simple pin that I recreated.

Great way to dress up a plain tee.

Wish my hair was as fabulous as hers.

Maybe someday when I learn to curl it will be.

Until then, this is all I got.


  1. Such cute ideas - yeah, I wish I knew how to do my hair like hers too! LOL xoxo

    1. I just plain suck at hair. Even after hundreds of youtube tutorials.

  2. Love your outfit - looks so cute with the bubble necklace!

  3. People in pinterest pictures have the most fabulous hair. There is this one picture that I obsess over her hair, I wish I knew how to do it! Love the outfit :)

  4. Love it! I really like how the necklace matches the jacket - really pulls it all together!

  5. I totally need a bubble necklace. Stat.

  6. I love seeing these "pinspirations"! So much so that I've started a Tuesday linkup where posts like this - results of inspiration from Pinterest - can share these pinspirations! :) Definitely check it out if you're interested!

    The Blue Hour


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