Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Summer Dress Turned Fall,
Not sure we got it quite right this time. Lets try it again next week.
To review- Summer dress + jacket or sweater + tights + boots = fall outfit right????

Dear Awesome J. Simpson Boots,
(Pictured above)
You are a great fall addition. Thanks for finding me.

Dear Zoey,
Sorry we just didn't want any baby Zoeys. I really hope the new bed and toys we got you makes up for your cone and your pain :/.

Dear Gas Prices,
Did you really have to drop 30 cents the day after I filled up? That's just rude.

Dear Car,
Did you have a sleepover IN the garage last night? Guess all that work paid off :)
(see post here)

Dear Pumpkin Bread,
You are delicious, even with chocolate chips. Good thing the recipe makes two loaves.

Dear Running,
We're hanging out next week. Ill be gettin' active. Watch out.

Dear Mira,
Yay for coffee today!

Dear Bond,
Nov. 9th. I am already excited!!!

Dear Boyfriend,
Thanks for the date night this week. But even more so, thanks for being so patient with me all the time. Not sure how you do it. I love you. 

Dear Accent Table,
Welcome Home. You look awesome. 

Dear Short Friday,
Cheers to the weekend.

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