Thursday, October 11, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Zoey,
Glad you like your duck so much that it's now headless. 

Dear Thursday,
Great news came.
 More to come on this later.

Dear Wednesday Morning Run,
I can't believe I tripped on uneven pavement and fell flat on my face. 
That's just embarrassing. 
But you can't get me down, I was right back up and finished my three miles.

Dear Giants,
That'll do boys, that'll do.

Dear Lion King,
Thanks for being on TV last week. Made my night. I forgot how great it feels to sing along.

Dear Dishwasher,
Is it bad that there is only two of us, and we need two of you???
Next house for sure. Double.

Dear Fall Weather, 
You arrived. 
About. Darn. Time.

Dear Anti Lock Breaks,
You work well. 
Tested you this morning and safely avoided bumper to bumper contact.
The person in front of me wasn't so lucky :(

Dear Life,
You're keepin' it real.

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