Thursday, July 19, 2012

What I am Loving Wednesday

What I am loving Wednesday
First Wednesday link up, I've been wanting to do it for a while so here we go!!!

Busy Work Days
 They make the time pass quickly. And I like feeling like I made someone happy, ensuring their interactions with me were both positive and productive!! Yay for work being fun!!!

JCrew via eBay
Thanks bloggers! I blame you all for introducing me to this! I think next is the bauble, we shall see. Two necklaces (see most recent below) and a bracelet later. I may or may not be hooked. But it is just so affordable and cute!!!!

Country Concerts-
Now these have been on the docket for months. But Tim and Kenny (Jake Owen opened) were awesome this weekend, and Brad Paisley is next week!!

State Fair-
The fair is here and it's always SOO much fun. It's the second year I've gotten to go with my boyfriend (this is hard to believe) and he's always so into it, and fun to go with. It makes my experience a zillion times more fun! It's here for another week! So wahoo!!!! Fried fair food- bring it!!!

Don't think there would ever be a Wednesday that I wouldn't love her. She's so darned cute!! And she's learning so much at puppy class (okay, so we've only been to one class, but she did learn a lot there) that it makes her even cuter. Well behaved puppy. Now about that homework we have.... 

Can't believe this week is almost over...Time Flies!


  1. AH I love state fairs! Looks like a BLAST! and jcrew via ebay.. VERY dangerous!

    1. So dangerous...but so great at the same time!!! And sometimes I wish the fair came twice a year!!!


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