Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Premature Patriotic Pic: What I Wore

Because my office is closed on the fourth (yay for paid Holidays), I took today as my chance to rock the Red, White, and Blue at the office!

Skirt- Target (yes I have it in two colors)
Tank- Target
Shoes- Target
Cardigan- Nordstrom

I'm thinking this might be a little much, but then again maybe not. I really wish I had this necklace to wear with this outfit, but I don't so I made do with what I've got!

If I did have this necklace, I would wear the 
necklace with the tank, and a jean jacket!

Anyone else rockin' our colors (one day early) with me me today?

Also, just for some festive flare, we added this to our office.  
Cute right?


  1. Bring your puppy to work day! So fun. I love this outfit. I'm all for wearing red, white, and blue. Love it.

    1. We're so festive :) and yup! Gotta love bring your puppy to work day!!!

  2. ooh i love the skirt!! i need to go back to target...i bought a maxi the other day but didnt see the skirt!

    1. Thanks, it's a keeper. So festive!!!


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