Thursday, July 5, 2012

Just to Review: The 4th of July

This five day weekend, turned mini vacation, was in fact the best decision I have made all summer.  Granted summers only been about two weeks, but none the less.  Love these lake summer days.

Here is a play by play.
4:30am- wake up and sit in line for beach front territory
8am- go for a morning jog (it's harder than I thought it would be in this altitude)
9am- head back down to the beach for boating, lounging, and hanging out. 
9:01am-9:29pm eat (and drink) too much for comfort
9:30pm- fireworks
10:30pm- smores

I think most people make smores on the fourth, am I wrong?

Can't have a holiday with out the proper Toms
This is at 10:30am.  Already starting the day right!      
Soooo many new people, I'm tired
We gave him a tail.  Can't loose a 1 year old that glows.
Our fourth of July 'Swag'

Cousins :)
Best show I've seen the mountains

Hope you all had a festive, happy, healthy, and safe holiday.


  1. I love the pic of you and Brian. And I think thats my favorite Zoey picture so far. She is the cutest.

    1. Thanks, she's found SOO many new things which is great! Looks like you had a good fourth as well!!!!


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