Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tag- She's It

I'm guest posting over here today.

Remember that real life bestie that I lost to the East Coast?

Yup. We're hanging out (in blog world) today. 

See my sassy side.

Also I was going to do the What I Wore Wednesday, but was NOT happy with the fit so.... 
Instead, here's one of Zoey and I at coffee this afternoon ;)

And here is what I would like to have been wearing, but let's be honest I wasn't....

But a girl can dream right???


  1. that is an adorable outfit! I don't blame you.

    1. Right? I finally ordered that necklace in navy!!! I'm so excited for it to arrive!!!!

  2. Oh man I also wish I was wearing something like that EVERYDAY TOO!
    I can pretend I look that put together today ;)

    1. Right!!! Wouldn't it be nice!!! Most days, it just doesn't work for me... :(


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