Saturday, July 14, 2012

Life Lately

1. The Ice Cream Man Drove By- Couldn't Resist
2. Zoey napping
3. F21 can accessorize any outfit
4. My favorite Beer
5. At work thinking
6. How did she get on the bathroom counter?
7. Passion Tea Lemonade got me
8. Saving my chapped lips
9. At the brewery
1. All Three Flavors- Lemon, Strawberry, and Orange
2. The Little Mermaid Crew
3. Zoey loves Banana
4. What a great show
5. Remember these great pens? Circa 2000?
6. I deemed Friday, 'Bring your Dog to work day'.  This is how she fell asleep
7. Keep it simple- White and Necklace

And here is my Try Something(s) New this Week:

5am boot camp (which whipped my toosh on Tuesday and Thursday)
Skinny Cow Chocolate Clusters

Have a great Saturday!!!!

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