Monday, July 16, 2012

A Total Case of the Mondays

You know you have a case of the Mondays when you:

Snooze the three alarms you set.
Don't go on your morning run (I should take my advice here).
Get lost while walking the dog, and have to use your iPhone to get home. 

Getting ready to go :)
Dry Shampoo your hair instead of taking a shower. (Remember when I talked about this stuff here, it's seriously the Best!!!)

Wear a dress (hello, it's one piece, no matching or thinking required).

Leave the radio on commercials when you have an awesome country mix in your CD player

 Miss type your computer password 3 times at work.
Blankly stare at a client while they are talking.
Forget to say goodbye to your coworker when they leave.

Get stuck in traffic that NEVER exists on Monday.
Run the usual route five minutes slower.

Zoey, however did NOT have the case of the Mondays.
She was ON it!

Tuesday, I'm ready to start over.
Let's make a deal.


  1. Totally feel ya!! I love the suave dry shampoo... it works miracles.. hopefully tuesday is a little better :)

    1. Right. Such a great thing. Tuesday is soooo much better!!!


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