Thursday, July 12, 2012

Life with Besties Post College

Leaving friends after High School and College hard; there is a adjustment period.

You're moving away from what you know, who you know, to something new.

When you join the 'cooperate world' (or just life in general) post College, there is a more serious and alarming adjustment period.  

No more living with or next door to your friends, no every day class with your friends, no more going to one party and seeing ALL of your friends: no more life in a fishbowl

The J-O-B doesn't always allow for enough friend/bestie time, either, nor is it condusive to collegiate lifestyle that for four years was so comfortable and normal.

Lets just say friendships after College take some serious EFFORT!!!
Not in a good or a bad way, but friendships just get harder to maintain. 

Different work schedules, time zones, countries don't help this. 
When I have exciting news to share, or have a serious issues (read: I have a serious outfit dilemma that I need some advice from someone who knows me best) I have to stop and think: It's 9pm my time, so midnight their time....shit shoot.

So all my best friends scattered post college, and really I can't blame 'em. (Although sometimes I want too). But I really do consider myself lucky.  I have people to visit everywhere, and stories to share with people all over the map. 

Finding time and money (Love those Southwest Sales) to visit doesn't always come together in the most ideal of ways, so when the dollars fall short, I turn to:

group text
snail mail

But there is no doubt, these technology tricks are just not the same. 

The ladies below, are my BEST friends, each of which hold a special place in my heart.  It's not often I can find someone (I must have tricked my boyfriend) who can understand me, support me, encourage me, inspire me, teach me, remind me, laugh with and at me, entertain me, trust me, guide me,  and put up with me.  

And each of these lovely ladies can and do.

Here is an OTTD Best Friends Ever.
I am so proud of each and every one of you.

A 21st Birthday Celebration
Pic: Circa 20066

Soooo long ago...
College Reunion in Vegas- New Years Eve 2011

It is my hope that in the years to come, we are able to stay close no matter where our lives take us.
With the given technology- I hope we can manage.
I hope to create even more memories, in the times (usually short weekends) we do get to hang out.
But most of all I need to say thanks for sticking with me, even we are not together.

Anyone else feel the same way?
How do you keep in touch with friends in far places?


  1. Aww this makes me happy and sad at the same time. I didn't realize so many of your friends (besides me) were all over the country too. Lucky for all of us, you like to travel!

    1. Yup- I do love to travel. And yup it seems
      Like everyone moved but that's okay more excuses to go on weekend vacations!!!!!


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