Monday, July 9, 2012

This Little One....

This little one is growing too fast. 

Today while walking home from the store we had to walk to the store when I got home from the store, because I forgot tortillas, (we're having fajitas) like nim rod.  So, we took Zoey.

On our way we had two fun little endeavours: let me just set the scene for you.

We're (Zoey and I) are waiting outside, patiently playfully, while the man in our lives was inside retrieving the item I had forgot.  As a quick side note he also picked me up a bottle of my favorite wine, just because, yes he ROCKS!!! 

And a women comes out of her car, and stops to pet Zoey.  Naturally Zoey jumps and licks her with excitement and the women says, "What a cute puppy, how old?" I reply, "12 weeks,".  She replies, "She still bites!!!" almost in disgust.  

I don't even respond.  HELLO CRAZ-O, did we not just review, shes only 12 weeks old, of course she bites, and nibbles with excitement.

We're on our street, about two houses from ours, and a group of middle age people are getting out their car, distracted with their venti iced Starbucks drinks.  Their dog (which was in my opinion an ugly looking thing) had jumped out and was approaching Zoey.

She sniffed and then went to bite Zoeys neck.  I, the over protective Mom super hero, grab Zoey and take her in my arms.  We then walk briskly home, and the whole time Zoey is looking over my shoulder yelping and barking, like one of the real TV shows that show yelling fights where each person is trying to get the last word.  

Yup, our dog, just might be a drama queen.
Although in her defense, at twelve weeks, I'd probably be scared too.

Worst part of the whole things.  The people didn't even yell sorry until we were already on our doorstep.  Control your animal people!!!

Hope you had a GREAT Monday!
It's going to be a good week!

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  1. aww zoey is so cute! our pup is just over 4 months and still bites A LOT! i know it's just teething, but i am praying for it to end SOON! my arms and pants can't take much more! just found your blog, new follower :)


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