Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What I Wore: Red Pants

Hope you're all having a great Wednesday!!!

Here are some snapshots, of What I Wore.
You've probably already seen that this picture made it the blog home page!
These red pants always seem make it on the blog.  Remember when I first started blogging (okay, so I am still new) and I wrote about them here????

And remember when my loving boyfriend was doing laundry for me, and washed my red jeggings, for the first time, with all the other colored laundry, and came out with pink shirts? Here?

Seems like both were not so long ago?  Where is 2012 going?

Anyways these express Jeggins might be the best ones I have found. 
Buy them here.
I am sure they will become a staple in your wardrobe, as they are in mine.
I have them in denim, red, white, and charcoal wash.
Obsessed much?
Just maybe, but they can be worn so many different ways.

Other outfit details:
Tank- Target
Leopard Over Shirt/Swag: F21 (March 2011)
Sandals: Target (2011)
Watch: Michael Kors (here)
Bracelets: JCrew, F21


  1. Cute! I am in need for red pants..I feel like they are so fun!

    1. They are totally fun! I feel ready for anything when I wear them.
      Hope you are having a great day! Thanks for dropping by :)

  2. Those are awesome red pants! I love colorful jeans...I also love Express, but I've never been able to buy pants there because all the pants, or at least the styles I've tried on (mostly the "editor" or slacks, not jeans) have been way too long. Maybe I should try jeans from them, though.

    1. I would try them. I think they come in short options too, I am not mistaken. I wear the editors too, gotta love Express, I never had tried the jeans before this year. Thanks for dropping by :)

  3. Hi doll! Your blog is adorable! I'll be following you :) lets swap buttons!
    ps. love the red pants!!

    1. Sounds great!!! Thanks for dropping by :) your blog is adorable as well. I'll be adding your button later today for sure!!! I'll let you know when it's up!

  4. Your red pants are rockin! I nominated you for an award over on my blog today if you'd like to participate!

    1. Michelle- thanks so much for the nomination. Of course I'll participate!!! If you don't have a pair of red Skinnies go for - they are awesome!!!!!


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