Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Little-uns: Time Flies

It's weird to look back on college and realize this picture was taken so long ago.
I mean I was a first year of college was yesterday, right????
(cough, in 2006, cough)
But seriously where does the time go???

 This was ALMOST A Brittney...almost...

I work with many college students, and I often see them as 'my age'
....but recently I have realized, I'm wrong, they aren't 'my age' anymore.
Or rather, I'm not their age anymore.

 Talking to people 'my age' now is sometimes just plain scary.  They are too young to appreciate even the best of things, like the classic Disney Channel shows (Even Stevens and Lizzy McGuire), they don't know every word to every N'SYNC, Backstreet Boys, and 98 Degrees Song, and they have only ever seen re-runs of Seinfeld and Home Improvement.

This is just depressing.

 Some of my most favorite references come from all of these things.  I mean how am I supposed to crack jokes, relate to, and other wise engage with people that don't they don't know who 'Wilson' is, nor have they seen 'The Soup Episode'.

I suppose this is just how it feels to get old.  When you reference things, the youngsters might not even know what you are talking about.  I mean the littluns will never know how epic Napster was, nor will they believe that it really took over a half hour to download ONE song.
 (Boy were we patient back then, if a song takes more than twenty seconds to download on my phone, I freak out).

They'll also never know the wonders of Harry Potter books BMS (before the movie series).  Harry does NOT look like that in my mind, and Snape, really doesn't look that that to me...  Don't you ever just see your character in your head???

This whole post was inspired by a girl I met in my office the other day,
who dint' know that words to Bye, Bye, Bye
I am sure there are about a zillion more things that I love and cherish that they don't,
like Boy Meets World (back at Disney- I know), Edens Crush, Jessica Simpson on Newlyweds, and TRL, but this list was just naming a few.

All I can say is, you guys missed out.

"No soup for you..."
(if you don't this line, my heart goes out to you)


  1. Boy Meets World is on ABC Family super early in the morning. These kids need to get on it and learn some life lessons from The Matthew's family. Also, remember Growing Pains? I loved them too. And I'm pretty sure even my 12 year old sister knows the words to Bye, Bye, Bye. It must be a fluke. Where do they think Justin Timberlake came from????

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