Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Men's Shirt Volume Three

For those of you that don't recognize this shirt, let me just give you a little briefing.
Last summer I bought this shirt at Target on super clearance for my boyfriend, and after one washer/dryer cycle it was too small.  And that's when I had a light bulb idea, how many ways can I style a men's shirt??
So I decided I would try to style it at least once in every season (see summer and and winter looks here and here) to see just how many combinations I could come up with.
And this is my Spring look.

The highwaisted-ness of the skirt I think is what really makes this outfit 'work'.
Although the shirt was a little awkward to tuck in (read it hung low and was A LOT of fabric).
And this it just did a lot of scrunching, if you get what I mean.
Shirt//Target (Mens)
Skirt//Old Navy
Sunnies//Kate Spade
 As a side note, I got these sun glasses as gift right before our trip to Brazil, and I love them!!

  Don't you even worry, there will be a new style for summer.
Not sure what it is yet, but it will come to me.

Here are the other ways I have styled the skirt.

 Which do you like best?
How would you style your hubby's/boyfriend's/men's shirt?


  1. Caaaauuuutttteee! I need to do that with Chris's shirts that we just giveaway!

  2. love it! i think i like it with the skirt (the first way) best!

  3. I like it with the striped skirt the best! Super cute.

  4. so cute!! i love how you styled all those outfits! i have that striped old navy skirt - looks so cute on you!

    1. I know you do, and I always think to myself. OH em gee Katie has this too!!!

  5. I really like the style with the boots and the bubble necklace! But those are two of my favorite styles, so I'm a little biased.

  6. I would NEVER have thought about something as creative as this...and you have made it so adorable!


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