Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Dichotomy of Blogging

Sometimes even us new bloggers have a love hate relationship with blogging.

 I don't know about you but when I try something - I give it my all.
Everything I've got.
 I have a need, a desire, and irrational obsession with being successful.
But who am I kidding, that describes all of us crazy ladies who spend our 'off work' hours and hard earned dollars to be part of a twenty first century culture that is still developing.

Since I've been blogging for just over a year, I am clearly an expert in all things blog, cough, cough.
But what I have realized is the dichotomy of feelings I have about it, blogging that is.

I love sharing my life with you all, I love getting to know all of you, I love learning new things, and I love the culture and network I have grown to be a part of. 
 It's a whole new network that I didn't have before.

But part of me is scared to share aspects of my life, hesitant to jump right in, and reserved in some ways.  Part of me just wants my life to be mine, all wrapped in my little world.

As I continue to develop and find my writing style, my voice, and the great purpose of this blog,
I am sure I will find clarity in balance in what I share, and what stays with me as 'mine'. 
I am sure this will be a forever changing things, as SBSL continues to evolve.

And that's when I think to myself are these thoughts normal?
 I know all of you super successful bloggers, look at bloggers like me, and think,
'Girlfriend, you've got a lot to learn.'
And you'd be right, I do.

But does learning about myself and others get easier?
Will this love hate relationship go away?
Will I always have moments of frustrations, moments that make me smile, and moments that make me realize just why I got involved in this whole culture to begin with???

Constantly creating valuable content for you guys.
Trying to grow my little space over here.
Get more followers, sponsors blogs, guest post, and give aways.
Sometimes even when I am not involved in any of them, I feel overwhelmed.
 Sometimes I am not sure when to look, or how to figure out where to go next, what I should do.
And that's when I realize, I'm the only one who has the answers,
the only one who knows what I want to share, discover, and learn from this space
And what I want to hold on to as 'mine'.
like this little girl
I feel like as long as I find a good mix, I can continue to make it work.
But help me help you guys.
What helps you shape your blogging direction???

I'd love to hear what you have to say!!!!


  1. I think as I continue blogging my ideas change and so does my writing style. I think it is normal to be figuring it out still a year in.. atleast I hope it is!

  2. Sometimes I write posts I am iffy about actually posting, but it feels so good to just write my feelings down. Maybe you could start with that and with time you will find what you are more comfortable sharing! I think you're doing a great job :))

  3. I love you. And I'm so glad I have someone in my real life to talk blogging with. Blogging is a weird thing but we have each other! ITB

  4. I love sharing b/c I enjoy hearing from others and having feedback that is positive no matter what I say. Love the pic of your dog and you.

  5. I think you are so awesome my friend. And from someone is the ultimate "newbie" in the blogging world...I am struggling to write up blog standards like me your writing is relatable, hilarious, and everything in between ;)


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