Wednesday, April 24, 2013

WIW: Maxed OUT

So it's Wednesday again.
And I swear 'Spring weeks' pass way faster than the weeks in any other season.
Hello- where did April go??
Like seriously though.
On a much happier note, we got our puppy back from camp.
Will post more on the results later, not to worry, so she and I spent Monday doing this at the park.
I had the day off which was awesome. Weekday weekends are the BEST!
It was heaven, not but seriously I teared up in happiness laying on a blanket at the park with my dog.
She people dog watched, and I kindeled it was a great afternoon.
As per my outfit, yeah I know it. I am not even going to pretend like I didn't think it was super cute.
Because I did.
Also I am seriously DIGGIN' maxi ANYTHING right now.
I've gone Maxi Mad.
I tried to find the direct link to the dress online, but failed. 
All I found were more maxi skirts and dresses I wanted to buy.
Like these two.
But I am pretty sure if you walk into Target the dress will bite you in the butt.
It's seriously right there (I have been to four Targets that's not embarrassing slash borderline excessive at all..and it's been in the same location every time).
Shoes//Katie and Kelly via DSW

Hope you are all having a great day!
Because why the heck not.


  1. love that dress! I have seen some really awesome things at Target lately! I am trying to avoid them, but it has Been rough!

    1. Don't avoid. Give in!!!! They are fabulous :)

  2. i love this easy spring outfit!! you look so happy and fun! i need to go to target...!

    1. Yeah but you keep it cheap, and sometimes I don't!

  3. Okay, that dress is seriously SO CUTE. Target is just too good/dangerous.


  4. Ok the hair? Is getting way to adorable..stop it. ;) And I am soooo max obsessed this year too! Love the outfit!

  5. I LOVE maxi's and this one is so simple it can be paired with anything! And you are rockin' it! SO happy the pup is back :)

  6. I JUST bought that dress from Target today! I'm in love with it. It looks great with that vest. So glad you got your puppy back! There's nothing quite like the love between you and your dog.

  7. cute :) so happy you are reunited with your dog :) yipee
    i just bought a maxi dress from gap!! they have some cute ones! and they have sales often..keep your eyes and ears open :)


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