Friday, April 19, 2013

An Email to my Best Friends

The other day, I almost quit blogging, yeah not sure what had come over me.
But I mentioned that I wanted my writing to sound like an email to my best friends (who pretty much live all over the country). So I am going to give it a try.

Most of my best friends and I communicate You've Got Mail Style, only we use Gmail instead of AOL.  Who uses AOL these days?  Wasn't that just something us boy band-loving teenagers used to AIM with our friends in middle school with user names like starcutie0008???  
Those were the days.
circa 2006
Our emails typically include lists of things that are happening in our lives, numbered off so we can keep our life categorized and so we don't get distracted in the writing of the email. The next responder just writes what's happening in their life under the numbers, and so on. 

We talk about our boyfriends, life troubles, birth control preferences, current reads, and whlep we talk email about pretty much everything.  I feel so normal when I email them, which is bizarre because they are both in graduate programs that will one day put a Dr. before their last names, which automatically makes them like 902,402,673 times smarter than me, but they love, and that's what matters.
Would you trust her with you hoo-ha? And her with your pets....I WOULD
Gosh I love them!!!
The other day I then spent an entire section of my response email explaining that if either of them had cancer, I knew they would beat it; but if either lost their hair from the chemo, I would shave my head for her.  It wouldn't be pretty because my head is too big for any hat (no like seriously, I can't wear hats) so I'd have to just rock out my baldness.  Clearly fit's in a normal 'category' or life, right.  It's titled: What A Best Friend Would Do In Extreme Hypothetical Situations

I also informed them that last night I used three different self tanners.  While this might seem like over kill, I 'developed' over night and woke up tan, or as my boyfriend says orange.  In all reality, I might have been a shade between tan and orange, but that means I'll look fabulous tomorrow which is something to look forward too. 

Our emails also have to funny things we have seen, read, things we are doing, or planning on doing.
This is one of the links they sent me. I watched it, and cried, and immediately wanted to do this myself.  Warning, you need at least five minutes to watch think link, if you do not have time now, come back, and watch it later.  It's seriously a great lesson for us ladies and our self esteem.

Our email thread also contains a 'category' titled 
'General Bad-Assery'

My question to you is, what would you put in that category??

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