Wednesday, April 10, 2013

WIW: Tunic Edition

I picked this up at F21 a couple weeks ago thinking it was a dress...whoopsies.
I'd be showing a LOT of (white) leg if that were the case.
But the color, and gold buttons won me over despite it's in between-ness.
The seasons are starting to change, and by starting too, I mean we jumped from
the end of boots season (gosh that came and went so fast) to high seventies, overnight. 
It actually probably happened while I was in Brazil, but I am excited.
 Tunic//F21 (similar here)
Wedges//Target (circa 2012)
Sunnies//JCP (similar here)
Bracelet//F21 (similar here)
When the seasons change, it's almost like you get a whole new wardrobe.
 I keep my spring and summer clothes in the extra bedrooms closet, so I honestly don't see them for months.  Then when I rediscover them it's fun, re designing and styling the items I forgot I had.
That's what happened with these wedges.
Anyone else LOVING spring weather???
What are you wearing?


  1. That's fun, keeping you spring/summer clothes in another closet :) I always end up incorporating summer tops into something for winter with cardigans and jackets, so I never get a new wardrobe, DARN! Love the color of your top and the wedges are really cute too!

    1. That's such a good idea though!!!! Thanks :) I am glad you are back!!!

  2. So cute!! I love it. I have some similar white jeans and I have missed wearing them so much. Thank goodness for finally some warmer weather!

  3. Very cute! I always think those longer shirts are really cute, but I get scared to buy them myself. Looks great on you!


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