Thursday, April 11, 2013

SPD: Heatlhy Breakfast Smoothie

If you knew me, you'd know that this is what I eat every morning.
Like really since weight watchers (yes I did that)
I have loved fried egg on toast.
(I learned this from Weight Watchers)

I pinned this smoothie the other day, thinking maybe I'd like it.
I tried it before a day on the ski slopes, and I LOVE it!!!
It's super delicious, filling, and healthy.
See the ingredients below:
 This is apparently the smoothie Jessica Simpson used to loose all of her baby weight.
But I guess it's hard to say how successful it was for her since she knocked up again.
Gosh she is bangin' those out.
 1/2 Cup Oats
1 Apple
1 Banana
1 tsp cinnamon 
1/2 Cup milk
3/4 Cup Plain Greek Yogurt
5 almonds (not pictured, I omitted them)
 I always put the apples in first, to ensure it gets all the chunks smoothed out.
 The oats add some more substance to the smoothie that helps make you feel full longer.
 clearly, I add a little more cinnamon than the 'recipe' called for.
Pictures of smoothies are just not all the special.
It looks like goop piled in a cup, so I didn't include one.
But I promise, it's delicious!!
Thanks again for such a fun link up!!!


  1. This looks delish!
    Stop by some time

  2. I saw Lauren Conrad put oats in her slim down smoothie too but I just don't get it. Does it actually taste good? I'm all about taste good instead of be good for you haha.

    1. It's delicious, and more filling.
      Try it, I swear you'll like it!!!

  3. I love smoothies! I'll try this recipe for sure.

  4. And is it 1/2 cup yogurt? It says milk twice.

    1. Sorry 3/4 cup yogurt
      and 1/2 cup milk

      I fail. Will edit!!!

  5. i have been making breakfast smoothies like EVERYDAY! they are SO good!!

  6. Yummy - that sounds so delicious, much better than my granola bar every morning!

    1. you should try a smoothie!!! they are so good :)

  7. I was searching for a smoothie recipe the other day with oats, now my search can stop because this one looks perfect! I am you newest fan :) love that you've dubbed your followers fans and that shizzle tab at the top of your page is hilarious, I clicked on it before I even read your post.

    1. Baahahahah, I am glad that you share my humor. Sometimes I think it's dumb, but it's different, and it's what I felt was right!!!!
      Glad you stopped by and stayed!!!!


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