Wednesday, April 3, 2013

WIW: I'm Finally Home (and new Shoes)

Oh hey, fancy meeting you here.
I'm back from vacation, but have NOT had any time to write about it, but I will, I promise!!!
It's Wednesday aka outfit time.

Target did it again for me with this floral number. 
(I feel really trendy because Shana posted about it over here, and that girl Mom got style)

Clearly I did not take my own Target advice on this trip, but
every single time I wear it (twice so far) I get unsolicited compliments.
As for other fun things in this post...New Shoes, Yup!!!!
If you don't know, I have a shoe problem. I haven't make a complete confession about this yet, 
but it's in the works, so don't be mad at me quite yet for not sharing.
Sigh, okay...
If you are looking for a fun, functional, versatile, and comfortable wedge.
Look no further, this is your shoe.
I found these online while looking at duvet covers, how this happened, I'll never know.
But I fell in love, and ordered them.
In the first week they were in my possession, I wore them to a wedding, to work, and out with friends.
I think of this shoe as a 'twofer' because it's a black wedge and brown wedge in one.
Sunnies//JCP (similar here)
Watch//Michael Kors
Anyone else rock floral this week?
What did you wear it with?
Next time I'm seeing layers with a jean vest maybe???

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  1. That shirt is really cute! I have a shirt from Old Navy that I get compliments on every single time I wear it. It's always so surprising!

    1. I know...I didn't even think anything when I bought it, but I guess it was a good purchase. A solid go to now :)

  2. i love that shirt! perfect for spring!

  3. Oh my gosh, you were totally right! We are both wearing the same floral top today! haha. That's just too funny! You must have great taste ;)

    Danielle at Framed Frosting

    1. It was so funny I saw you and almost died...hilarious :)

  4. Cute top and wedges! Your wedges are the best of both worlds!


    1. Totally- and I highly recommend them!!! Thanks for stopping by :)

  5. Yay!!!! Your home! And what a cute shirt!! Lovin me some floral shirts this season :)

    1. Thanks lady, will email you soon!

  6. I've never really wore wedges but for some reason they are calling my name this year. I'm totally going to have to invest in a pair!

  7. Love that top! I am kicking myself for not purchasing it when I had the chance and now my store is sold out of them. Found you on the link up and just started following :)
    xoxo Bethany


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